Sam and Dean Bred as Plant Food (NSFW CG Pack)

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Dean finds a curious plant, but it turns out the plant is also interested in him. Vines stretch out and strip off Dean's clothing, then pull the eager hunter closer. The plant opens its mouth, and finds numerous ways to please the aroused Dean.

Sam walks in to find his brother being orally pleasured by a plant. Embarrassed, Dean tries to pull away, but the plant has tasted what it wants, and isn't letting go. More vines pull Dean closer. The plant is bigger now, having swallowed a full load already, and is even more eager. Sam tries to pull Dean free, but a quick prick of venom paralyzes Sam so the plant can enjoy a second meal.

Once the plant has fed multiple times, draining its captive heroes, it's time to turn them into breeding hosts. Both get tied up in tentacles, filled with dozens of eggs, then made to breed an army of carnivore plants. Once the breeding is complete, the original plant can finish the encounter with a final meal of its own - by swallowing both its captives whole!

Enjoy this epic horticultural treat, with 234 high-res images of tentacles, tickling, MPREG, vore, and more! Our supernatural heroes will be bred and bitten until they can't take any more.

Save 20% by getting both parts (all 234 images)

Note: Part 2 includes biting, blood, and lingering wounds caused by hungry plants.

Part 1 (114 images)

Dean gets sucked in by the plant's oral overtures, while Sam loses any ability to move or escape.

Includes tentacles, bondage, paralysis, and oral.

Part 2 (119 images)

Both Dean and Sam are bound up in tentacles, ready to bred then fed.

Includes more tentacles and bondage, as well as feet tickling, biting and blood, MPEG, and vore!

BONUS PACKS (Save 25%)

Get even more Supernatural peril from these additional image packs! More than 450 images!!!

Sam and Dead Bred by the Spider King (128 images)

Sam and Dean investigate rumors of a monster living in these caves. A momentary touch distracts the two as they gaze into each other's eyes, not seeing the wave of spiders spinning webs around their feet. Now they are trapped, waiting for the giant Spider-King to decide what to do with his two captives.

Sam's Basement Seduction (110 images)

Sam discovers an ancient spell meant to protect life. Knowing the risks, Sam decides to try the spell. Glowing tentacles rise from the ground, followed by a floating creature that takes an immediate interest in Sam's body. The intensity of the spell and curiosity of the tentacles gets Sam excited and eager to show off.

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Sam and Dean Bred as Plant Food (NSFW CG Pack)

5 ratings
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