Captain America Gets Milked and Muscled (NSFW CG Pack)

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Captain America and the Winter Soldier have discovered MODOK's secret base, and are ready to face down the giant head! A robot ambushed the heroes, grabbing Captain America in its claw. Winter Solider leaps to rescue his partner, but MODOK was ready for the duo. A mind blast from the villain takes control of the Winter Soldier, pushing him to take advantage of the captive Captain. After the hypnotized Winter Solider drains Cap, weakening him completely, MODOK binds both heroes for further experimentation, including milking, pounding, massive muscle enhancement, and full robotic conversion.

Obey all MODOK's commands throughout the 106 high-res images of bondage, mind control, milking, gut punching, muscle inflation, and body conversion.


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Thor Rammed by Hulks (137 images)

Loki has captured two men, and Thor's here to save them. However, Loki has set a trap for the God of Thunder. The men transform, massively growing their muscles until they're both Hulk-sized monsters. Thor is no longer there to rescue them, but to satisfy their physical needs.

Enjoy 137 images of epic muscle transformation, domination, and magic-sized penetration.

Spider-Man Caught by the Symbiote (38 images)

While browsing on his phone, Spider-Man notices an oozing blob growing on the ground. He drops to investigate when tentacles fly out and grab hold of him. He fights back until the tentacles find their way to the hardness between his legs. The black ooze dissolves his costume, then crawls up his body, taking over all his muscles.

Spidey is ready to be absorbed!

Get tentacles, crawling ooze, cock and cumshot, plus some bonus muscle inflation!

Includes 38 high-res (4k) images of sticky Spidey stimulation!

Robot Rams Hawkeye (30 images)

Ultron has captured Hawkeye and is ready to turn him into his newest drone. But first, he needs to drain Hawkeye of his humanity. And there's only one way to do that!

Get 30 high-res images of robotic probing until complete submission.

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Captain America Gets Milked and Muscled (NSFW CG Pack)

9 ratings
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